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evilgrins place / CTF-UTDM-WaterGiant
« Last post by evilgrins on December 05, 2022, 03:09:09 am »
My fondness for the UTDM-monsters in my edits may be a bit more extreme than I've let on, as I've only shared some of them but I've literally got about 350 map edits, of various gametypes, setup so far. Hence my problem with the recent UT-patch which disabled there effectiveness, at least for team games...

...but that issue may be over.

Recent observation from Buggie shows that might not be a problem anymore so I'm tentatively optimistic.

Hence, back in business!

This is clearly an enhancement on the CTF-LavaGiant theme, except for no lava and a much larger playing area. There are multiple ways to get to either side, really only 1 way to get to the flag but more than a couple ways to get down once you have it. Map was designed for SLV, which still works as the flag area is adequately spaced for anyone to fly in and snatch up the flag... and as with most SLV maps there was no pathing; got Nelsona to fix that up.

One of the two paths to get to the other side requires a translocator, so have that enabled.

Despite being standard CTF, I added a UTDMT assigned to a non-existent Gold Team. There's a gazebo on top of the mountain range, so I placed him up there. He's not very actively involved in the game, though I suppose he might be able to throw boulders at passing SLV/RocketX, and mostly he spends his time complaining about how lonely he is being stuck up there.

At ground level both bases are protected by UTDMS, Nelsona worked up monster-pathing so they patrol along the front of each castle. They may wander off periodically, but they always come back.

One thing I wanted to do, as I added a Gold Team a Green Team seemed like a fun idea, was to put a UTDMW on these odd little floating islands at the extreme right of the two castles. Given how players are, eventually someone would shoot at them and that would bring them into play... attacking whichever team was closest to them, but ran into a small problem there.

The main body of water surrounding the playing area is an energetic form of water, obviously water (hence the map name) was the idea but it doesn't seem very watery. There's smaller bodies of the same stuff between the paths to get to the other side that don't have this issue, but the larger surrounding "water" when any UTDMW fell in, it would never respawn; smaller areas they would but much longer than usual time needed to pass.

Ran this by some other mappers, nobody could figure out how to fix it without replacing the whole thing... figured UTDMW weren't necessary, so scrapped that idea.

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General Discussion ut99 etc / Re: Screenshots for fun!
« Last post by evilgrins on December 03, 2022, 01:34:46 am »
It's looking nothing at all like Christmas...
evilgrins place / DOM-UTDMS-AppalachianWonderland
« Last post by evilgrins on November 05, 2022, 07:12:39 pm »
This is the 2nd edit I've done and released of Silver Ibex's Appalachian Wonderland. Loosely designed for Infiltration, it's a wide open and GIANT of a map, which shows no lag and has some structures you can go inside of. Silver only ever released the map for CTF & DM, even though he placed Control Points for DOM on the map I've never seen any Domination version of this map released anywhere.

My previous edit was this for CTF under XV & using UTDMT; probably won't operate as it was intended anymore under the new UT-patch.

I may do another for XV strictly for Deathmatch some time later.

What we have here is the same as before but for Domination. Spaces between the Control Points is significant, if you're not greedy you could secure 1 or 2 and still come out ahead provided you kept them well defended.

This map has 5 Control Points!

Original release of the map had no weapons, but there's sniper ammo here and there suggesting it was probably intended for use under the sniper arena mutator. Every edit I've ever done I felt a need to add weapons, and extra ammo. In that... I added sniper rifles near all sniper ammo, placed 1 redeemer in each barn, there's rocket launchers in some structures, and instagib in the sniper perches...

...if you're familiar with Silver's TigerHunt maps, you know there's inverted sniper perches in the ground under camouflage. You hop on in and shoot away from a position that's hard to see and even harder to shoot into.

As DOM isn't always played with transloc, there's jump boots in the bottom level of the barns to access the redeemers on the 2nd level; there's a staircase too but it's easy to miss.

Now, as to Bob...

...the UTDMS in a non-team aligned capacity is a random element. Though technically he's on the Yellow Team that doesn't stop Bob from killing members of that team.

Bob touching Control Points doesn't tag them for Team Yellow. In some cases I've seem the point turn back to its default blank x from Bob, which is weird but not a big deal.

Conflicts with the new UT-patch only come into play when any UTDM-monster is assigned to the Red Team.

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evilgrins place / The Phantom Lantern
« Last post by evilgrins on November 03, 2022, 12:52:29 pm »
My fondness for making Super Hero skins is well established (I am geek, here me roar... rawr!) but sometimes I come back around to something old to refresh it a bit.

Using the standards setup by Chris Ollis I made a number of initial Lantern Corps basics, not all of them but most; and I was content with that... though I did make some upgrades for more details in the blank-black parts of the skins later.

DC Comics created this character called The Phantom Lantern not too long ago who, unlike any other Lantern, had the ability to access the entire emotional spectrum of energy and change into any kind of Lantern.

I don't know if that's what inspired the thought, but however I got to it I'd been considering maybe using each of the Lantern skins I'd made to represent as a team color.

Had the idea for a long time before I started working on it; little thing, making a skin usually takes less than an hour but I tend to think about them days to months before I hop in and finally do it.

An edited/simplified version of my Agent Orange skin for the default, Team Colors each one of the Lantern Coprs skins I'd previously done... with the obvious exception of the Star Sapphires.

Gave it 16 faces, pulled randomly from a directory of those.

evilgrins place / CTF-XV-Mothership
« Last post by evilgrins on October 29, 2022, 03:41:29 am »
This map was originally designed for SLV, so there's a lot of redeemers available for usage.

Built around a central axis, the tunnels were just large enough for the largest of the XV tanks, so each team has one of those. There are tunnels higher up, that travel across the map's center, that the helicopters fit through well enough... in case you don't want to run or drive all around the long way.

For other weapons, there's a Weapons Locker by each flag.

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You can get Xvehicles here which you need to make this work!
evilgrins place / CTF-XV-ValleyOfTheKings
« Last post by evilgrins on October 27, 2022, 08:01:34 pm »
Think this is about ready to go!

What we have here are 2 symmetrical bases on a VERY LARGE map, though the areas around each base are not identical.

There are multiple paths to the opposite sides, there's a couple hidden surprises, there's a tunnel that runs through the center of the map, and of course the vehicles & turrets both drastically increase the options.

From XV on this map, both sides have:
2 mantas
1 helicopter
1 turret

As well as a redeemer.

Battle is intense and varied, there's a lot of room on this map as well as numerous spots to snipe from.

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You can get Xvehicles here which you need to make this work!
General Discussion ut99 etc / Re: Screenshots for fun!
« Last post by evilgrins on October 24, 2022, 10:26:59 pm »
Trick or Treat?
General Discussion ut99 etc / Re: Screenshots for fun!
« Last post by evilgrins on September 28, 2022, 02:00:15 am »
Winter is coming... eventually!
General Discussion ut99 etc / Re: Screenshots for fun!
« Last post by evilgrins on August 12, 2022, 03:23:06 am »
The latest assortment of screenshots which may, or may not, have anything to do with each other.
General Discussion ut99 etc / Re: Screenshots for fun!
« Last post by evilgrins on July 27, 2022, 07:17:25 pm »
It's that time again...
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