Author Topic: 3 XV maps for CTF, posted last week to facebook...  (Read 21 times)


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3 XV maps for CTF, posted last week to facebook...
« on: March 22, 2022, 09:40:13 pm »
...but not everybody reading this is on facebook.

Cranking these out and testing them doesn't take much time, unless I need assistance from someone in fixing or assessing aspects of the maps...

...and there's a few of those currently in the works, but these are good to go.

Each of these was formerly a UTDMT map. They're all pretty straightforward, but here's the details:
1. CTF-XV-ESF-River has the helicopter, as there's a lot of sky for such a small map... and every other vehicle kept falling in the lake and rivers.

2. CTF-XV-Fortress[X] has the largest of the tanks (can you tell I don't know tank names?) which works as it's the most heavily armored and there are mortars periodically firing from above which damages them.

3. CTF-XV-Tundra has enough room for a jeep and the smallest tank, good and decent play there.


You can get Xvehicles here which you need to make this work!

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